Most, if not all, entrepreneurs share a set of traits which can be described as the entrepreneurial mindset: An insatiable curiosity with a strong drive towards action plus a high(er) tolerance for risk which comes coupled with an elevated level of resilience. These characteristics allow the entrepreneur to identify issues, see solutions where others might only see problems and turn those ideas into products, services, and businesses.

Although some of us have been socialized to live these traits, all of them are trainable and learnable. Entrepreneurship programs around the world prove this on a daily basis. And these skills are not only useful if you are embarking on your own personal entrepreneur’s journey but rather they make for highly useful tools in today’s rapidly and constantly changing world.

Curiosity, the sense of wonder in this world, is something we all have. It’s the reason why children endlessly ask “why” in their quest to make sense of the world around them. All it takes to reinvigorate this skill is to simply become curious again. Don’t just brush things off when you encounter something new — ask why. With today’s tools, it is easier than ever to find an answer (without annoying your parents). And an answer often leads to more questions as you keep asking why and how.

Risk and resilience go hand in hand. Even if you consider yourself as highly risk averse (which in itself is not a bad thing), a powerful hack to overcome your potential fear or unease is to ask a simple question: What is the worst that can happen? If the answer to this question still seems daunting, break your approach down into smaller chunks until you get to the point where you feel comfortable with the risk you take (and the answer to your question).

Resilience is a muscle you build over time. The easiest way to flex this muscle is to take some (well calculated) risks — you will eventually fail; if you made sure your “worst case scenario” is not fatal, you will comfortably recover from the risk you took. The more often you take a risk, the more often you flex the muscle, the more resilient you will become (and you will feel more comfortable with taking calculated risks).

Armed with the trifecta of curiosity, risk-taking, and resilience there is little to nothing in the way of your ambition, plans and dreams.

This post was written by Pascal Finette, and originally appeared on The Coaching Fellowship Blog. It is republished here with permission. Pascal Finette heads up entrepreneurship at Singularity University and is Director of Everything Digital at The Coaching Fellowship.