Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit

The Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit aims to raise awareness and advocate for the success of the strategic implementation of the Shared Value business model – profit with purpose – in Africa. In 2020, the Summit will travel to Kigali, Rwanda, where the conversation will centre on the role of women and youth in building sustainable businesses and creating the Shared Value ecosystems needed to make Africa the economic powerhouse of the twenty-first century.

What to expect

Hear from business thought leaders and changemakers about how Shared Value thinking can take your business to the next level and make Africa an economic powerhouse. Engage on the pressing issues facing African businesses with speakers at Q&As and interactive solution-seeking sessions.

Gender Smart Investing Summit 2020

The Gender-Smart Investing Summit is an invite-only forum that brings together 350 thought leaders and game changers from a range of backgrounds to drive collaborative dialogue and leverage our collective capacity to unlock barriers to deploying capital in a gender-smart way.

Some join with a primary focus on gender equality, some focus on the power of women making markets. Some have a primary commitment to issues such as the climate crisis, education, health, or human rights.

All share a common belief that together, we can move more global gender-smart capital, more strategically, and spark real and lasting change.

We are currently planning our 2020 Global Gender-Smart Investing SummitSubscribe to stay in the loop or enquire about sponsorship.


From April 27 to April 29, 2020 at Wokefield Place just outside London, we will convene 350 leaders shaping the significant movement of capital for a fairer world. The rural grounds allow for a productive retreat away from the chaos of England’s capital, providing valuable space and time for action-focused dialogue and careful reflection.

Summit Goals

Our transformative 2018 Global Gender-Smart Investing Summit convened the full spectrum of stakeholders advancing the gender-lens investing movement. The atmosphere was electric: new partnerships were forged, deep commitments were made and the field took a bold leap forward.

Our invite-only 2020 Global Summit builds on this momentum, to the theme of Further, Faster, Smarter. An independent delegate selection committee will curate the gathering of diverse global leaders who share our goal of engaging in outcomes-oriented dialogue, and address the bottlenecks that stand in the way of deploying billions of additional gender-smart dollars.

Summit Structure

Our design principles for the Summit’s agenda are grounded in creating a highly interactive environment. Each session is structured to:

  • maximise collaborative work

  • allow for open and vulnerable sharing

  • foster new connections

  • accelerate individual, organisational and field-level gender-smart journeys

SVI Women Bay Area 2020

SVI Women is proudly produced by a collective of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to convening circles of women, building access and opportunities for women business leaders, and dismantling oppression everywhere.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend

  1. Learn from the Experts:  Our True Confession speakers have experienced the ups and downs of building multi-million dollar enterprises. The stories of their journeys will inspire and educate.
  2. Learn from Your Peers: SVI Women is intentionally designed specifically to leverage the wisdom in the room. From Case Studies to Business Problem Solving Sessions and One-on-One Experts, we champion the knowledge of every woman who attends.
  3. Make Powerful Connections:  You know that some of the most highly valued takeaways from any gathering include the people you meet and the bonds you form. SVI Women connects you in powerful ways that will help to shift your business to new heights. Spend three days with 100 fellow entrepreneurial sheroes. Imagine the possibilities!
  4. Proven Track Record:  The SVI model has provided thousands of entrepreneurs the opportunity to strengthen their business skills, network with other social enterprise leaders, and rejuvenate their passion and vision.
  5. Your Business Deserves This and So Do You. SVI Women offers proactive, action-oriented dialogue among peers.  We facilitate peer-to-peer relationship building and create a community where you can enhance your leadership, improve your businesses, and expand your impact.  Apply Now.

Women of Color Connecting

Why Attend?

  • Engage in real talk about diversity, inclusion, and equity

  • Diversify your network

  • Become an agent of change

  • Learn how you can help more Women of Color Entrepreneurs succeed!


World-Changing Women's Summit 2020

What to Expect at the Summit

“This is more than a gathering of women. This is reconnecting with your tribe, or finding it for the first time. The energy, the inspiration and the connection available to us with this space is beyond what you could ever hope for from a traditional conference.”

We’re curating a powerhouse group of female leaders to share wisdom, find inspiration, and connect around best practices for leading and thriving in the conscious business world.

The best and brightest will gather for three days to dive deep and have raw conversations about critical topics such as:

  • Developing yourself as an authentic, conscious leader in the workplace
  • Bringing more purpose into the workplace
  • Working more effectively across generations
  • Developing a more inclusive workplace culture
  • Best practices for raising capital
  • Managing the stress of work-life integration
  • Scaling your company while staying true to your values
  • Creating greater impact in the world

Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean

The first Regional Conference on the Integration of Women into the Economic and Social Development of Latin America and the Caribbean was held in Havana in 1977. Since then, the Conference has met periodically at intervals of no more than three years, to review the regional and subregional situation with regard to women’s autonomy and rights, to put forward recommendations on public policies on gender equality, to undertake periodic assessments of the activities carried out in fulfilment of regional and international agreements and to serve as a forum for discussion on gender equality. It brings together high-level authorities with responsibility for issues relating to the situation of women and for policies to ensure gender equity in the countries of the region.


This is our year to be bold and brilliant — without apology. At TEDWomen 2019, we’re shining a spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of the world’s most extraordinary risk-takers and innovators. Celebrating pioneers making power moves, brilliant people who are just getting started, and those who tirelessly show up as allies and advocates. TEDWomen 2019 will be no less than a joyful, thought-provoking celebration of smarts, savvy and diverse dynamism.


Build expertise and relationships during small, curated workshops and custom experiences during the day. We’ll convene in the simulcast lounge and theater for the opening speaker session in the early evening, then celebrate with new and old friends at the welcome party.


Four riveting speaker sessions fill the day, with comfortable seating in the simulcast lounge and theater -- along with networking breaks and a community lunch. End the day with a convivial dinner and late-night hangouts under the stars.


The last day of TEDWomen always holds surprises in the final speaker session. It’s followed by a farewell picnic to cement your new connections. Everything wraps up in time for you to explore beautiful Palm Springs in the afternoon.

Be a Money Magnet - Step Into Your Power and Get Funded

This retreat is for you IF...

You know you have a game-changing business that has the potential to make a BIG difference in the world. But how do you go about getting that influx of cash you need?

As a CEO, you know your job is to capitalize your company, but the funding strategies and sources you’ve encountered up until now don’t feel aligned with what you value most.

It's hard to get excited about all those angel groups, pitch competitions, accelerator programs, and investment funds that you hear about as potential funding sources.

Deep down, you know there must be a better way to raise funding—one that feels aligned with your values.

Guess What? You’re Right!

As a heart-centered woman entrepreneur, the advice you’re hearing about how to raise money is probably wrong for you.

There is a way to raise money that allows you to grow your business on your terms and stay true to what made you start your business in the first place.

Your fundraising strategy CAN be an expression of what makes you and your company unique.

You CAN be part of a tribe of other women who are also breaking the mold and raising investment capital on their terms.

What To Expect

For the first time ever, we are excited to open up the Jenny Kassan Consulting Retreat beyond our current clients to any mission-driven business owners who identify as female.

At this intimate retreat in beautiful downtown Oakland, we will roll up our sleeves and dig in to do the work of designing and beginning to implement your ideal capital raising strategy.

In Preparation

To help you prepare for the retreat, we are offering a 5-week virtual course in which Jenny will guide you through the steps in her book, Raise Capital on Your Own Terms

This course will allow you to come to the retreat with a draft capital raising plan in place, so you can dive right in to addressing your biggest questions and challenges with our expert support.

Women Deliver 2019 Conference

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference will take place 3-6 June 2019 in Vancouver, Canada and will be the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the 21st century. It will serve as a catalyst for advocates working to achieve a more gender equal world.

More than 6,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists will flock to Vancouver with the drive to accelerate progress for girls and women everywhere.

The conference will present new knowledge, promote world-class solutions, and engage a broad spectrum of voices. It will focus on several issues from health, nutrition, education, economic and political empowerment to human rights, good governance, and girls’ and women’s agency and equality.

SVI Women Bay Area 2019

Don’t miss your opportunity to join 100 of the most passionate and visionary business leaders in an intimate space that offers you the chance to focus on YOU and your business. What a combo!

SVIW offers high quality mentors, a confidential and supportive learning environment, and a practical problem-solving format that enable you to acquire a rich portfolio of skills, a plan to grow your enterprise, and finally a curated network of peers to support you.  Most SVIW participants are first or second-stage entrepreneurs who are facing challenges in growing an enterprise while maintaining a social mission.

SVIW 2018 participants gained a deep connection to community, new and innovative business strategies and a renewed sense of possibility for themselves and each other. These women, like you, are changing the world through their businesses.

SVI Women takes the core SVI model and packs it into three days of learning from experts, peer networking and business case study problem solving to equip attendees with skills to build thriving sustainable enterprises. We welcome all women including trans-women and people whose gender is non-binary.

Registration is $550USD and does not include accommodations.

All participants apply to attend as part of a pre-approval process. These community commitments guide the approval process:

  • The SVI agenda focuses on strengthening and supporting individuals across social venture sectors working to quicken the pace of their own professional development, promote organizational effectiveness, and support emerging entrepreneurs.
  • SVI Women is committed to supporting access to women for this conferences among diverse communities across gender, race, and socio-economic status. It’s in your best interest to share as much as you can about yourself, your work, the communities you serve through your entrepreneurship and why you want to attend Social Venture Institute Women.

We anticipate receiving more applications than spots available. Returning alumni to SVI are invited to apply through the same channels as new applicants. Once you’ve submitted your application, a confirmation email will be sent to you, letting you know when you can next expect to hear from the producer team. You will want to block off the conference dates, April 10-12, 2019 on your calendar. If you have any questions, please email