Harvest Summit 2019


Get out of your comfort zone.
Connect. Challenge. Collaborate. Create
the future of possible.

Together, through the cross-pollination of inspiring ideas and a continuous exchange of transferable insights WE can spark the innovation that may change the world.

Harvest Summit is a full day of
Real Conversations. Rich Discovery. Innovation Sparked.



Dirt under your feet. Fresh air. Fresh perspective.

Unexpected Pairings. Unscripted conversations. New collaborations.


Say goodbye to the stuffy ballroom, monologues, PPT presentations, passive learning and rubber chicken lunches.

Say hello to a unique and exclusive location, engaging dialogues, interactive collaborations and immediate business impact enhanced by a world class culinary and entertainment experience.


300 leaders outstanding in their fields.

Get out of your industry silo. Collaborate with a diverse set of leaders in technology, media, entertainment, food, wine and agriculture. Expect magic.


Join us. It’s in conversations, napkin doodles, shared experiences and the clink of glasses where magic happens – ideas hatched, relationships formed, innovation sparked.


The Harvest Summit is by invitation only. Please use the link below to request an invitation or make a nomination. All registrations are non-transferable.

2019 Harvest Summit fees will be announced shortly. Non-profit, Start-up/Founder and Academic discounts are available on a limited basis upon request.

Art of Convening Great Virtual Meetings Training

20% discount for members of Conveners.org. Use discount code 20% at checkout.

The Virtual Art of Convening (AoC) training is a journey into personal and professional learning and application of the technology of relationships and the technology of virtual delivery.

It teaches the art and science of designing and leading virtual meetings and conversations that are inspirational, productive and transformative. Unleash your team’s EQ with the power of convening: learn how the skills of inner game of being a convener can shift the culture of your team, department or organization to full-on commitment.

- All sessions are live and interactive, use the Zoom virtual platform, and are recorded for post-session viewing -

2019 Global Social Venture Competition: Application Deadline Dec 3

Calling all social entrepreneurs! Applications for the 2019 Global Social Venture Competition are now open. If you have an early-stage startup aiming to make a difference in the world using technology for good, apply to compete in the 2019 competition. All entries are reviewed by leading experts in the fields of social entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact investing. Top teams from across the globe will compete for $80,000 at the Global Finals at UC Berkeley, April 3-5, 2019, so apply by December 3rd to turn your idea into impact. Learn more at www.gsvc.org.

Reality Summit at the Esalen Institute

RE-IMAGINE REALITY: This intensive is focused on the nexus of transformation and innovation.

The emergent technology revolution and the mindfulness movement are powerful change agents that can be utilized to benefit the very evolution of our species.

In 2018, we will convene industry leaders in virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Robotics and associated emerging technologies at the birthplace of the human potential movement.

ONE WORLD: Innovations in Corporate Social Impact Summit

A fantastic line-up of corporate professionals will offer insight into the various initiatives underway at their organizations geared at increasing corporate social and environmental impact. With many activities now extending far beyond traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, the primary goals of this event are to educate participants about the practical programs and initiatives achieving success and generating maximum impact through an in-depth program of talks, panel discussions and peer-to-peer networking.

Focus - This program is focused on corporate initiatives where both financial and social goals are achieved simultaneously.
Participants - Attendees across a variety of corporate functions: Executive Office, Product and Service Line Leaders, Finance, Marketing & Sales, HR and Operations.
Local - The program is designed for companies based in the Bay Area to build the community of local professionals working toward a common cause.

SHIFTING PATTERNS: Building Effective Teams for Social Impact

With increased demands for bold solutions to urgent problems, high expectations for impact, and limited resources, we can end up taking our relationships with co-workers for granted. However, it's the quality of these relationships that ultimately determines our success.

Building Effective Teams for Social Impact is a 5-month program, based in Washington, DC, which is designed for nonprofit, social enterprise, and socially responsible business leaders who want to find out what's really getting in the way of effective teamwork and develop the skills to collaboratively solve these challenges.

5 Top Mapping Resources for Social Impact Leaders

The impact ecosystem is expanding, and while local and regional ecosystem mapping efforts — such as UnLtd USA’s Austin Social Entrepreneurship Network Map, Cogent’s Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem Map, and Root Change’s Global Impact Investment Map (GIIMAP) of the impact investment community in Mexico and Central America — have taken shape in the past few years, a new wave of mapping initiatives are sprouting that enable leaders to better understand and navigate the larger impact ecosystem. Here are a few of those such resources that will help you see the big picture and connect the dots in between.

1. ANDE’s Mapping the Ecosystems

A great place to start is the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)’s collection of mapping projects that identify the actors, gaps, and opportunities in social entrepreneurship. Launched in 2016, their Mapping the Ecosystems website provides a list of ecosystem mapping resources and an ecosystem diagnostic toolkit that maps and measures the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Check out the site here, and explore the site’s other resources that support a social entrepreneur’s journey.

2. Accelerator Selection Tool

Working in partnership with leading databases and impact accelerator networks, capacity-builder Conveners.org has developed the Accelerator Selection Tool, which maps the global impact accelerator landscape, helping social entrepreneurs easily find information that best fits the needs of their ventures, while providing data about social entrepreneurs and market trends to accelerators and investors. The tool is set to launch later this month; sign up for this Accelerators newsletter to get information when it launches.

3. Impact Investing Network Map

Informed by open source data and developed in partnership with the Case Foundation, this online map is an informational aid designed to help map the existing impact investing landscape. According to its website, the the Impact Investing Network Map “aims to present the best publicly available information on impact investments to better inform the sector.” The interactive online tool allows you to search for companies and investors based on the investment objective, industry, geography, certifications and more.

4. Good Capital Project

A SOCAP Group collaborative, the Good Capital Project (GCP) is mapping the ecosystem through convening. A two-year project focused on generating innovative and sustainable solutions to align the capital markets with the human needs of tomorrow, the GCP convened a broad range of impact leaders in June 2017  in New York City to begin to drive greater collaboration and accelerate capital flows into purpose-driven investments. Go here to learn how to get involved.

5. Mapping the Mappers

The organization behind the Accelerator Selection Tool, Conveners.org has also organized Mapping the Mappers, a network of impact mappers that raises awareness of global impact mapping efforts, identifies opportunities for mapping coordination, and creates the foundation for data-driven collaboration that benefits the entire impact ecosystem. Sign up here to join the next Mapping the Mappers to learn how to contribute to current ecosystem mapping initiatives.

Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, impact investor, funder, or part of a support program, these mapping efforts not only provide valuable information on the current impact ecosystem, they also provide a helpful dose of perspective on entrepreneurial success and impact.

This post originally appeared in Conscious Company Media and is republished here with permission. Nayelli Gonzalez is the Managing Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships of Conveners.org. 

MELTON FOUNDATION: Global Citizenship Conference 2017


Every year, the Melton Foundation convenes for a week-long Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) in order to provide and exchange tools and resources that enable solving pressing global challenges.
The GCC convenes about 100 Global Citizenship advocates, practitioners, and experts from across the globe to build a community of global citizens, encourage collaborative learning, and expand the outreach of global citizenship.

Once again, it’s that time of the year - Akwaaba!

At our 26th GCC, we are gathering in Ghana from 13-19 August 2017 to help answer one big question:
What is the role of a Global Citizen in a world that is in flux?

With the increasing unpredictability and interconnected nature of our world, in which today's greatest
challenges, from climate change to poverty, inequality to displacement, natural resource depletion to
overpopulation, are global in nature the call for a paradigm shift is becoming increasingly louder. We
call this Global Citizenship!

Be a part of this experience and join our journey towards global citizenship today! REGISTER AT http://bit.ly/RegisterGCC2017 (registration open until 30 June 2017, limited spaces available)

The Best Free Social Enterprise Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you are in the planning stages of launching a social enterprise, are brainstorming whether your idea is plausible or you simply want your business to have a stronger social impact, there are countless tools available online. However, it can be difficult to determine which are the most effective. To help you on your journey, we have found the best free tools for your social enterprise you didn’t know you needed.

B Lab Impact Assessment Tool

Developed with a vision that in a generation’s time, all businesses will measure and manage their impact as readily as they do profitability, the B Impact Assessment provides standards, benchmarks and tools for businesses. You can either spend 30 minutes of your time to get a quick snapshot of how to build a better business for your team, community and the environment, or two to three hours for a full impact report. Over 40,000 businesses, including names such as Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy and Kick Starter have already used this easy survey to improve the social impact of their work, and it has received glowing reviews online.

Big Society Capital: Social Impact Tests

Big Society Capital invests directly in social investment finance intermediaries (SIFIs). As wholesale investors, Big Society Capital must ensure that social value is delivered both by SIFIs and by charities and social enterprises receiving the investment. They created a social impact test that is used by their investment team to evaluate proposals for investment. The test is split into two broad sections: Social Impact and Risk, Process and Governance and can be applied flexibly to assess different types of investment proposals. This in-depth test is a great tool for taking a critical look at your social enterprise structure.

SVA Business Planning Guide for Social Enterprises

This 46-page, visually informative guide is primarily aimed at people and/or organisations who are interested in starting a social enterprise for the first time. Developed by Social Ventures Australia and Parramatta City Council, the guide is to be used in conjunction with standard business planning guidance. This step-by-step PDF prompts you to think about researching, planning for, starting and then growing a social enterprise. It is also designed to be a useful resource for more experienced practitioners, acting as a reference point and refresher.

Social Lean Canvas

Developed by Rowan Yeoman and Dave Moskovitz, the Social Lean Canvas is a tool that allows social enterprises to develop coherent business models quickly and simply. Utilising just one page, social enterprises can methodically test their models and arrive at a thoroughly validated, scalable and repeatable business model.

By brainstorming their purpose, a solution to problems, unique value proposition and financial sustainability, social enterprises can quickly conclude whether their social goals are viable and long-lasting. You can download this social enterprise tool for free from the Social Lean Canvas website, along with an example canvas of Tom’s Shoes.

UntLtd: A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Your Social Enterprise

Based in the UK, UnLtd invests directly in individual changemakers by offering funding, ongoing advice, networking and practical support. Their 229-page comprehensive toolkit takes you through the various life cycles of being a social enterprise, from the initial idea through to long term growth and replication. It provides practical guidance and working models so that future social enterprises can learn about the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship in a structured way.

Civicus: Writing a Funding Proposal

If your social enterprise is new to fundraising, this toolkit is a great resource to utilise. Covering the planning and researching stage, tips on how to write the proposal and the follow-up required once it is written and sent off; this toolkit includes an example fundraising proposal. Developed by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, the toolkit provides links to other CIVICUS toolkits that can help you on your social enterprise journey.

By tapping into these free social enterprise tools, you can ensure your current or future social enterprise is achieving optimal results without having to spend a cent. We would love to hear your thoughts on the above tools, so please comment below.

This post originally appeared in Social Change Central and is republished here with permission. Social Change Central connects changemakers with the support they need to convert their passion and ideas for social change into real social impact. From funding to awards, events, competitions, exposure, programs and more, Social Change Central brings together the most up-to-date social impact opportunities available in one comprehensive online resource.

WHARTON SOCIAL IMPACT INITIATIVE: Wharton Social Impact Conference

The Wharton Social Impact Conference brings together a network of impact-oriented business and community leaders with the shared goal of driving sustainable social change. This flagship conference spans various sectors and pulls from the experience of industry practitioners.

This event will bring together a community of corporate social “change-makers”, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, nonprofit and government executives, philanthropists, and university students with the shared vision of driving social change. Together we explore questions around social impact and business: what works, how, and why?

This event is presented by the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, in collaboration with students from the MBA Wharton Social Impact Club, and students from the Wharton MBA Program for Executives.

Current students and nonprofit employees receive discounted admission.

If you are interested in learning more about leveraging business to create positive social, environmental, and financial impact, we welcome you to join us. Fill out this form to sign up to receive updates on the conference, including exclusive early-bird ticket pricing and information on speakers.