Greenermind Summit WEST 2020

A community of change-makers.
A weekend of play | connection | discovery.

Greenermind is a community of change-makers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Washington, D.C.  We host the Greenermind Summit -- one part adult summer camp, one part unconference, and one part restorative retreat.

Is there a talent show? Yup. Do we make music around the campfire? Yup. Will you learn about cutting-edge ways people are solving wicked problems like sanitation in the developing world, gender bias at work, oceanic plastic pollution, affordable housing policy, and more? Duh — it wouldn’t be Greenermind without some serious nerding out.

At Greenermind you'll meet mission-driven people from diverse backgrounds. We are entrepreneurs, educators, designers, scientists, nonprofit leaders, corporate managers, artists, policy experts, front-line activists, and more.

Your experience is exactly what you make it. You can dive into facilitated activities or relish unstructured time. The entire weekend is sourced from our stellar community; you’re invited to present a workshop, lead a hike, create art, or bring anything you’d like to share.

If you have a passion to share, if you want to grow and explore, if your soul needs a pickup from this crazy world—join us.  We hope to see you this year.

Regenerative Earth Summit 2018

“There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet”
~ Brooke Medicine Eagle 

Plan to participate in the premier gathering of leaders in Organic and Regenerative Food, Farming and Fashion for Climate Action. Held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, The Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Fiber + Climate gathers influencers, designers, producers, ranchers, academics, and industry and community leaders for transformative conversations and action planning. The Summit is designed to provide a context to build strategies and match resources across food and fashion industries to influence and accelerate systemic change in land to market systems. Together, the two industries can contribute to the regeneration of critical ecosystems while supplying raw materials of the highest quality and efficacy to meet consumer demand for traceability and eco-conscious products.

Why The Summit

Fashion and Food are two of the biggest polluters on the planet. Agriculture plays a role in both and offers a pathway toward more restorative and regenerative practices for each industry to reduce its toxic impact. The Regenerative Earth Summit is boldly breaking down silos. Together these industry leaders will explore how new approaches to sourcing, traceability, and partnerships with producers can transform their carbon footprint, restore ecosystem resilience and mobilize their industries for systemic change.

Who’s Coming

At the Epicenter convenes visionaries from the food and fashion industries, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, and academics who are willing to work collaboratively to tackle the audacious vision of shifting how agriculture is practiced. With mindfulness practice, interactive working sessions, Regenerative Slams, and panel conversations, colleagues will generate ideas and actionable steps to change the status quo and bring new vigor and rigor to sourcing and partnerships across sectors. By focusing on restoration of soil health we cure a host of challenges. Deficient nutrient density in food, excessive carbon in the atmosphere, hydrology and ground water recharge, biodiversity and pollinator health – the list is endless and it begins beneath our feet.

If you are bold, passionate and willing to be a catalyst for change — this event welcomes YOU.