Application for SDG Accelerator 2019

The SDG Accelerator aims to accelerate the work of small and medium-sized Danish industrial companies to develop new products, services and business models based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), combining commercial potential and a positive impact on people and planet. The global challenges we face offer, at the same time, a huge potential (estimated to about USD 12 trillion) for the private sector who must be part of the solution. The programme is funded by The Danish Industry Foundation and is implemented in cooperation with Monitor Deloitte, who is responsible for facilitation and business development.

Who can apply?

The programme is for industrial companies in the broader SME segment, with approx. 30-500 employees and international activities e.g. in terms of sales, production or supply chain. In special cases, smaller companies may be included in the program.

All participating companies must possess the necessary internal resources to participate in the innovation process in order to develop new products, services and business models in line with the SDGs, along with their normal operations. Relevant employees must hence be actively engaged throughout the process, including CEO and other key persons in management.

The company must be registered in Denmark.

How to apply

1. Make sure that your company comply with the application criteria

2. Read more, download and complete the application form here

3. Send us your application and, if applicable, relevant documents

4. Once we have received your application, we will be in dialogue either by telephone or at a physical meeting

5. Await feedback on application and dialogue

What is included in the application form?

In the application you should describe the company’s activities, geographical presence and your broader profile. Then you should describe your motivation to be in the SDG Accelerator and explain what you think your company can get out of the process.

You are welcome to attach other documents to the application, if relevant in this context.

Our focus is on the ability of participating companies to use the Sustainable Development Goals as a lever to develop new products, services or business models, but not necessarily that you already work with sustainable innovation and the like.

Participation fee

Each company must pay DKK 75000 to participate in the programme.

Application deadline

The SDG Accelerator working group evaluates applications on an ongoing basis. Companies complying with the application criteria are invited in for further dialogue.

Applications for the SDG Accelerator 2019 must be submitted before December 15th, 2018 and you will receive a response no later than December 21st, 2018.The final application and, if applicable, relevant documents must be sent electronically to:

Kristoffer Tarp, UNDP Nordic Representation Office,

Download the application form here

More information about SDG Accelerator: 

Read more about the programme here

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