Suggestion 1: Give people time to complete the survey during the event. When you allocate time for your attendees (or cohort participants for accelerators) to complete a survey during your event you communicate the importance of feedback and a respect for your attendees time.

Suggestion 2: Verbal feedback is a great supplement, provided you have a good facilitator. Verbal feedback can be an important supplement as it provides space for participants to share their experiences.

Suggestion 3: Send your survey as the only call to action in an email. When your feedback survey is listed as one of many action items in a follow up email from an event it is too easy to get lost in the shuffle.  People respond best when the call to action is simple and clear in both the subject line and the email itself.  It also helps to do at least two survey requests about a week apart following an event so that people are engaged while the experience is still fresh.

Suggestion 4: Short and simple beats trying to do it all. It can be so easy to have a survey become this massive undertaking where you are trying to accomplish too many goals at once.

Suggestion 5: Incentives, incentives, incentives. Providing an incentive for completing a survey can be just the carrot people need to make time out of their busy schedules to give you feedback.

Suggestion 6: High touch 1:1 feedback calls are wonderful when you seek to build lasting relationships with your participants.

Want more? Check out our Best Practice Series #2: Acing the Feedback Survey webinar blog post here for specific tips and accounts of practical experiences from our members and community members.




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