Join the team at  Our membership community is targeted towards organizations that use the power of convening to advance positive change. Whether it is improving education, scaling poverty-alleviation initiatives, or increasing access to clean water, our members bring groups together to source solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges.

We’re looking for candidates who want to build lasting relationships with leading conveners focused on impact.

ABOUT THE MEMBERSHIP MANAGER POSITION has built and is growing an exceptionally generative community of impact-focused conveners, and our members are our greatest asset. We are bringing on a full-time Membership Manager to help nurture these relationships and support service delivery to our community. Our membership program is the core of impact, so this position will be key in shaping how functions and how the organization serves its community.  


The Membership Manager will partner with the Executive Director and Operations Manager, helping to implement our redesigned membership program. This position is also one of the best relationship-building opportunities in the field, as our members and clients represent some of the most prominent and influential impact conveners, foundations, nonprofits, and corporations in the impact ecosystem. Specific responsibilities include: 



  • Member Onboarding – Welcome members into the community through our “First 100 Days” experience.
  • Member Engagement – Maximize member participation in program benefits, solicit feedback, run point on communications, and maintain meticulous records through our CRM (NationBuilder).
  • Member Renewals – Lead the re-engagement process start to finish.
  • Program Evaluation + Refinement – Take the lead on tracking the effectiveness and impact of our community engagement and recommend improvements. 



  • Monthly Member Calls – Facilitate peer-learning conversations between members and capture insights for incorporation into our knowledge-base and communication to the broader community.
  • Virtual Convenings – Design, lead, and facilitate professional development webinars; identify relevant topics, source and manage expert guests, and capture key insights.
  • In-Person Events – Contribute to the design and facilitation of our annual in-person Trailblazers meetup and engagement of members at global convenings year-round. 



Trailblazers are our most engaged, influential members. Part of your job will be supporting these members in their work, collaborations, and engagement with These are high-touch relationships that require deep knowledge, broad connections, and superior people skills. We (and our Trailblazers) will be trusting you to:  

  • Onboard new Trailblazer members through our “First 100 Days” experience. 
  • Be the primary point of contact for communications and tailored services for Trailblazers members.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of each member’s engagement, their opportunities and challenges, and collaborations/partnerships happening in the group. 
  • Inform program design based on that knowledge, then support in delivery (professional development webinars, member calls, in-person convenings)
  • Facilitate valuable connections and introductions; speakers, vendors, SMEs, funders, partners. And leverage knowledge and resources to help Trailblazers solve problems.
  • Help Trailblazers utilize the benefits available through their membership (ie: data import and analysis support with WeChangers)
  • Take the lead in evaluating Trailblazer community effectiveness/impact.



This is a full-time position with great flexibility. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. core principles include Radical Transparency, Health & Family First, Strategic Planning as a Virtue, Clear and Open Communication, and Self-Governance. We are a distributed team and support flexible schedules, including the ability to choose holidays. is connected to many names in social impact, so we are offering a true networking and growth opportunity in the impact space. Finally, we offer the option to opt into global impact convenings, though travel is not required.


  • 3-5+ years in a relationship, community and/or program management position. This is a high-touch organization where trust and transparency are our currency. 
  • Facilitation, experience design, or event logistics expertise.
  • Strong self-directed organizational and time management skills with meticulous attention to detail. We are a remote team, and so being able to manage your own time and tasks is essential.
  • A mind for process design, detail, and the thrill of creating a well-oiled machine.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. 
  • Bachelor’s degree required. 
  • Experience with Slack, Zoom, Google Suite, email automation and NationBuilder CRM a plus.
  • Help Trailblazers utilize the benefits available through their membership (ie: data import and analysis support with WeChangers)
  • Take the lead in evaluating Trailblazer community effectiveness/impact.


This role can be based anywhere within the United States. To apply, please email your resume and a short cover letter to Sarah Sterling at September 1 is the target start date for the role. is an equal opportunity employer striving to create a diverse workforce. We are seeking a diverse candidate pool and welcome candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. If you require any assistance in the application process, please reach out (

ABOUT CONVENERS.ORG recognizes the transformative power that convening, when done right, has to positively change the world. was created to foster coordination, collaboration, and learning among impact-focused conveners, accelerators, and mappers. We are a nonprofit organization that develops programs, tools, and resources to support these communities in advancing systems-level change. is a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation with the following programs:

  • Convening the Conveners— a peer-learning network for conference and event organizers in the social impact space. Our members come together to solve problems, share best practices, learn, experiment, and most importantly, connect.
    • Convening Circles— a training and support program for hosts to drive action with their communities.
    • Convening 17— a collective impact initiative for members to create a conversation that evolves over time focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Accelerating the Accelerators— plays a similar role for social impact competitions, incubators, and accelerators.