Join the team at  Our membership community is targeted towards organizations that use the power of convening to advance positive change. Whether it is improving education, scaling poverty-alleviation initiatives, or increasing access to clean water, our members bring groups together to source solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges.

There are no open positions at this time. Please check back soon to see what other opportunities might become available.

ABOUT CONVENERS.ORG believes in the transformative power that convening, when done right, has to positively change the world. We are a nonprofit organization that helps get the right people in the right rooms having the right conversations to change the world. Our programs include:


  • Convening the Conveners is a peer-learning network for conference and event organizers in the social impact space. Our members come together to solve problems, share best practices, learn, experiment, and most importantly, connect.
  • Accelerating the Accelerators plays a similar role for social impact-focused incubators and accelerators.
  • Convening Circles is a training and support model for conveners to drive authentic action in their communities between convenings.
  • Advisory Services is how we support and build capacity for participant-driven experience design and facilitation for mission-aligned foundations and corporate partners around the world.


We’re a small and mighty, completely distributed team currently living in DC, SF, Boulder and Guatemala City, and we truly live our values:


  • We put health and family first – With very rare exceptions, we work 40 hour weeks. Our schedules are flexible, we have systems in place to help each other cope with crises small and large; we choose the holidays that are meaningful to us and actually unplug when we take time off.
  • We practice compassionate transparency – From company finances to family milestones, our team is exceptionally open. We have boundaries, but they are set very mindfully.
  • Diversity makes us stronger – This is not lip service. We actively seek out and engage people with different experiences, perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds than our own. Our work, and our lives, are better for it.
  • We don’t hand out fish –  We are committed to a capacity-building approach in all our work. Yes, it’s harder, more complex, and usually takes longer. It’s also worth it.