How we help one another:
How we show up, how we help one another succeed is the heart of a high impact peer-learning network. Each month I’m blown away by how generous members of our community are in sharing their best thinking to support one another with introductions, resources, and new ways of thinking about their challenges. Over the last couple of months we have shifted our virtual convening format for members to focus on virtual reciprocity circles. With this facilitation technique, we go through introductions, and each person has a couple of minutes to share a challenge they are facing. Then everyone on the call shares their best thinking to help that member overcome their challenge. This month we were joined by Angie from One World Training & Investment, Dani from Toniic, Topher from Opportunity Collaboration, Christal from Mosaic Genius, and Kofi from Oseku Foundation. Thank you to everyone who joined, and below you can find the highlights in case any of these are challenges you are also facing.

Today I’ll share the highlights in case these are challenges you also face.

Sourcing Talent
Angie from One World shared that sourcing talent, especially in terms of interns has been both a blessing and a challenge. As they are about to lose 4 interns, Angie requested resources for posting jobs and internship descriptions.
Hult International Business School in San Francisco has a number of great students looking for positions. Toniic has many team members who have graduated from the program and Avary used to teach in their program and has hired students in the past for
Golden Gate University and San Francisco State University were two other local resources. In general getting in touch with the alumni or student career services personnel at your local university is a great way to source new talent.
Kofi also mentioned the Oseku Foundation does a lot of work with unemployed youth across Ghana, and would be happy to connect with organizations that have remote positions available.
For paid positions (and potentially internships) the is a great list serve with thousands of followers and is free to post.
LinkedIN is another resource – especially tagging contacts who can help to spread the reach of your post.
Finally there are some great impact job boards including JoinMonday, ANDE, Social Enterprise Alliance, and IC/SVN.

Celebrating Milestones
Topher was excited to share that Opportunity Collaboration has their big 10th anniversary coming up this fall in Cancun! Topher was curious for ideas on how to celebrate this incredible milestone and help engage the community. We know Lindsay at SOCAP recently celebrated their 10th anniversary last fall and Jill & Sarah at Skoll World Forum had their big 15th anniversary this spring, and SVN celebrated their 30th anniversary last fall just before the merger with Investors’ Circle. Some of the recommendations from the call included:
Angie was excited to see if there could be a yearbook with more than just the delegate profiles to share stories, snapshots, quotes, or even little videos on the website for delegates to share their experiences.
Avary is similarly planning for the 10th annual Greenermind Summit and shared the importance of not falling too deep into nostalgia. These milestones can be a great opportunity to reflect back as well as to start visioning for the future we want to create. What will the world look like 10 years from now? How will we have made a difference in alleviating poverty around the world?
Christal reminded us of the importance of sharing success stories since visibility matters! She recommended doing a shout out to those members of the community who have been to all 10 OC’s or even 7 years or more via newsletters and social media to help those participants be seen as elders/leaders in the community. As Christal shared “10 years in the impact space is like 50 years in the regular world” it’s time to celebrate!
Who doesn’t love swag? Milestones represent a merchandising opportunity to create hoodies, tee-shirts, hats, laptop stickers, bumper stickers, and other merchandise to help people identify their connection to the community. For Greenermind Summit’s 10th anniversary we are looking into picnic blankets and t-shirts that have key quotes and phrases that have emerged from the community over the last 10 years.

Managing Growth
Christal shared her challenges as Head and Heart Philanthropy expands to multiple convenings a year on both coasts. She recently hosted a new convening in DC where participants were exceptionally well educated and ready to show up for a new experience – but they do not know where to go. “At least 20% should attend SOCAP, but they won’t – at least not yet.” People are hungry for the alignment to vision and purpose that can be found in the impact convening ecosystem – but they also feel isolated and struggle to navigate the players.

While this may be too much work for this year, it sounded like there could be some great collaboration opportunities between Mosaic Genius, SOCAP, and Opportunity Collaboration (and potentially other Conveners members) to help bridge the divide for people who are new to the field and to have a clearer “on-ramp” for those who want to get into the impact field. We will all benefit if we can more clearly orient people new to the field and grow our audience.

Connections in Africa
Kofi shared the challenges of having funded most of his work locally in Ghana and now is interested in expanding across Africa to support economic opportunities for the rising generation on the continent. He was looking for partnerships and potential funders who are focused on economic development focused on youth.

Fortunately Topher was on the call and Kofi will be attending Opportunity Collaboration – a rich network of partners who could be well aligned with this work. Avary and Christal shared direct contacts who may be a good fit.

Finding speakers for Tech for Good
Dani from Toniic shared an upcoming event they are hosting with One World in October on how we can better deploy technology for a positive impact and asked for help in finding speakers especially those who can speak from diverse perspectives in the field.
Participants shared recommendations from their networks and provided introductions – though if you know of other great speakers, please let us know at and we can connect you to the team.

What can we do to better support Members?
As the needs of our community have shifted over the last 5 years, Avary asked for feedback and ideas on how to continue to add value to the experience for members. While we have shifted away from our Co-hosted sessions to build out the Convening17 initiative to increase collaboration to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals there is still a strong need for an-in-person retreat experience for Conveners to get to dive deeper into best practices and explore how to coordinate and collaborate efforts between our conferences.

Rob of Sourcelink also shared a request while we connected at the Kauffman Foundation ESHIP Summit for more audio content – since not everyone has time to read the blogs and write ups from the meetings. On that note – we’ve now recorded 2 readings from our last two member calls and would love to know what you think about how we can make this even better.

Thanks to everyone who participated and as always please reach out if you have recommendations or ideas for how to improve the experience.

Our next member call is September 5th at 8AM Pacific.