These days, finding a job can be very challenging. Building a career with purpose is even harder. Merging your passion to change the world and make a living sounds almost unattainable.

Like you, PCDNetwork (a Member) is committed to producing a positive impact in the world. We believe social good professionals need more than ever ALL the support, tools, inspiration, information, connections to help them understand the social sector, navigate the job market, be informed on the latest trends in the field, and connect with like-minded professionals from all over the world.

To this end, we have a year packed with content, events, and workshops involving thought leaders in the social change sector—everything that is required for individuals to build a career of impact and organizations to find the right talent.



Whether you are looking for that dream job, or tired of your current job or you lead an organization looking to expand its funding opportunities, PCDNetwork provides in one place all the tools, the opportunities and inspiration to keep fulfilling your commitment to social good.


Working in isolation or in silo is so last year. Your work can be tremendously inspiring to others; your impact is greater when you are in company of other change makers.

Learn from, hire and explore the work that others are doing or simply expand your professional network. Blog, chat and connect with 37k professionals and organizations from 180 countries.


Do you want to know how to utilize social media to advance your career? Are you curious how Twitter can make you competitive in the job market? Do you know what a successful resume looks like? Do you know all the fellowships available that you qualify to apply?

Whatever it is you are looking, PCDNetwork is the one place where you can come to receive inspiration (learn the latest trends in the field of social good); to connect (do you know that more and more employers are posting jobs and looking at the talent pool within PCDNetwork?) and act (we have a year-long packed with content, events, workshops, and amazing thought leaders from the social sector) everything you will need to get you from passion and dream to where you want to be.

Program and Events


With guest bloggers, original content, webinars, in-person workshops, our new on-line career help line, each month PCDNetwork will address one topic to get you from passion to hired! We will convene leading social change professionals from diverse sectors to share their tips, tools and strategies for building a career of meaning.

You can participate in all 12 months of activities or just drop in on the months/topics where you’re seeking learning and engagement.

Take a look at our awesome plan and share it with your friends who might benefit from this.


We’re looking for amazing people to be part of our series who want to share their expertise and knowledge in social change careers. Feel free to be in touch to explore any ideas or if you have questions/suggestions at info(at)

This post originally appeared on the PCDN Blogand is republished here with permission.