Impact Convener [k uh n veen -er] An organization that brings people together, either virtually or in-person, to drive a collective effort that serves a specific shared purpose through conferences, gatherings, summits, or fora.

Convening the Conveners (CtC) is a membership program for organizations that use the powerful tool of convening to advance positive change. was founded as a group of conveners who wanted more– deeper impact, more trusted relationships, and growth, for ourselves and our communities. We envision a world where authentic dialogue surfaces solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

We do this by building powerful communities of practice for mission-driven leaders to connect, learn, and collaborate with each other. You are the leader we need to solve our global challenges!

As a Community Member (with the intellect, appetite, and ability to convene for high impact) you are uniquely positioned to teach (and learn from) your peers, access best-in-class practices and services, and accomplish every goal you set out to achieve.

Who are our members?

A nonprofit, foundation, investor, network, social enterprise, mission-driven business, team, or other entity that intentionally brings people together in pursuit of social or environmental good.

You are a convener for the common good.

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" provides us the opportunity to share best practices, develop partnerships, create collaborations and network with like-minded innovators."

Jill UltanProducer, Skoll World Forum, Member

CONVENING INITIATIVES manages two initiatives that support the convening ecosystem: Convening Circles and Convening17.


Have you ever been to a conference and met incredible people and had an idea that would change the world, only to go home and realize that there is no way to make that new idea a priority? We all have a million things clamoring for our attention each day, and it can be difficult if not impossible to make the time and space for a new group of peers to take action and explore a potential collaboration.

Convening Circles was designed to break the hype cycle.  We provide the structure and support to help you capture that new idea and bring it to life.  We provide a trained host to you and a circle of peers who are striving to achieve the same goal.  This host works with you to guide you on your journey and stay accountable to your goals. 



This is the evolution of the Co-Hosted Sessions that we’ve run since 2013.  Building off of an idea raised in some of our earliest meetings, Convening17 provides conveners the opportunity to continue conversations across our conferences.

To help catalyze collaboration around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, a group of global conveners have partnered to host a series of targeted conversations that will continue at global conferences throughout 2018 focused on identifying and scaling proven solutions to address the SDGs—starting with SDG 4: Quality Education.


"Toniic members are even more empowered as a result of event design resources, thought leadership and community collaborations. Their work is essential to further the collective impact of networks for positive change."

Jessica LomanFormer Director of Operations & Impact, Toniic, Member