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 Women today have more options than ever when it comes to work and career choices. There’s no doubt that there are still barriers and limits to overcome – however, opportunities for women are better than ever before.

There are plenty of male-dominated industries yet to become fully accessible to women. Thankfully, there is also a heartening number of women who don’t let anything hold them back. These women don’t let stereotypes and difficulties shadow their passions.

By striving to do their very best work and to be taken seriously, they pave the way for future women to follow their own dreams. Thanks to women like these, gender barriers are slowly being overcome. Many major companies are now run or co-run by women, including 23andMe and Bumble.

Statistics also paint a bright picture of the growing number of women in business. The percentage of women-owned businesses is currently snowballing, with the number in the United States jumping by 45% in just one decade.

Women in businesses of all shapes and sizes are worth celebrating. Here are some noteworthy reasons that female-led firms are great for society.

Women bring a balance

For too long, business has been traditionally viewed as more suited to men. This means that management teams found in many significant companies often still cater to men. Having female leaders means a heightened awareness of gender issues, and may also result in better opportunities for other women within a company. Studies have also shown that startups run by women are more likely to be innovative. They also perform better over time and offer a better return to investors.

Image Source: Pxhere

 They inspire other women and young girls

Girls growing up in the modern world need female role models. Businesses led by women are a great way for these girls to understand their potential. They, too, can grow to be leaders and business owners. They learn from an early age that they have a myriad of options – even in traditionally ‘male’ industries. This is especially important in the age of social media. Young girls and women are susceptible to vast amounts of pressure, largely regarding their looks and popularity. Learning that they are worth more than these traits is essential. In the ongoing campaign for equality, options for girls are essential.

More women in business will lead to fairer chances in the future

Women are unfairly discriminated against by investors. Access to finance can also be an insurmountable challenge. Women of color are even more drastically affected. Despite this, diverse management teams overwhelmingly lead to higher levels of innovation. The more women-led businesses there are, the less reason for future discrimination.

Wondering how to learn more about women in business? Perhaps you’d like to become a successful businesswoman yourself? One of the best ways is to network. You’ll meet other women in similar situations and learn from experienced leaders. There are plenty of conferences that ambitious women may choose to attend. These conferences are designed to empower and inspire women in the workforce.

Women Deliver, for example, hosts conferences worldwide. The company invests in women and girls through humanitarian and youth work and is serious about making a change in the world. Its conferences can do wonders for the women who take part in them. Attendees report feeling energized, inspired, and motivated after attending.

What’s good for women is good for society. Children seeing equality at work will grow up to be more equality-minded. Celebrating and normalizing female-led businesses is crucial. Choose to support women in business by patronizing their companies – you’ll be helping to create a better future.


Harper Reid is a creative writer born and raised in Auckland, where she currently resides. On the weekends, she loves poring over her latest book finds with a slice of lemon meringue pie and some hot tea. Her Mom is her best friend, superhero, and biggest inspiration. If you would like to connect with her, follow her on Tumblr.