We topped off the Global Innovation Summit with a great co-hosted Convening the Conveners session. Many thanks to the 30+ leaders who joined us in San Jose to explore and define  “continuing conversations” across convenings. We discussed and mapped participating convenings using several potential models, and we look forward to seeing some prototype conversations in the coming year. A special thanks to Opportunity Collaboration and Global Innovation Summit for leading this Collective Impact Project and collaborating with one another.

Continuing Conversations – Increasing Content Depth:

We explored a number of core questions during the session including:

  • How can we move beyond “Impact Investing 101” with the same content and same panelists at every convening?
  • How should content and interactions evolve as attendees become more expert, more invested, more integrated in the ecosystem?

The infographic below highlights the properties of “Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced convening, followed by where our participants and members place themselves on the continuum.

Continuing Conversations – Process/Execution Continuum

After exploring how to increase content depth we highlighted the following core questions for how attendees can move through the Process/Execution Continuum.

  • How can we create and nurture teams to help get the best ideas beyond the idea phase
  • What formats work best for which phase of the process?
  • How can convenings serve as touchpoints along the path from idea to showcase?

The infographic below highlights the properties of each stage in the continuum from Idea Generation to Showcase, followed by the placement of our participants and members on the map.