Thank you to Mark, Lora, Kevin, and Topher for stepping up to lead our three new CIP’s, and thank you to all our participants for your valuable contributions to the community and for your feedback to improve the CIP process.

If you have an idea for a Collective Impact Project – please fill out the CIP Template Form and we will set up a call to explore your idea and establish a timeline for the project.  


1. Continuing Conversations – CIP
Leaders – Mark Newberg & Topher Wilkins

A prototype collaboration between Opportunity Collaboration and GIS to establish the framework for continuing conversations across convenings.

John Belluomini
Drew Von Glahn
Jane Wales
James Hanusa
Glen MacDonald
Leon Galindo Stenutz
Evelyn Arce
Rosedel Davies-Adewebi


2. Expanding the Tent – CIP
Leader – Lora O’Connor

Exploring how to expand the conversation to include conveners who may not self identify as “social impact” focused but that create meaningful change in the world.  As a sub-topic also exploring how to expand the tent with attendees to include under-represented communities.

Rosedel Davies-Adewebi
Josh Fouts
Greg Delaune
Scott Rehmus
Marti Grimminck


3. Mega Conference – CIP
Leader – Kevin Lynch

This is an exploratory conversation for a MegaConference of Impact Conveners.  This working group is feasibility stage – no design or firm commitments have been made yet in this CIP. This group will determine in the next 6 months if the MegaConference should move on to a design prototype.

Ian Fisk
Josh Fouts
Nadine Jalandoni
Kelly Ramirez
Topher Wilkins
Phil Collis
Lora O’Connor