Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at SOCAP14 for our 8th Co-Hosted Convening the Conveners session.  We were able to take stock of the progress we have made in the last year including:

  • Growing to 138 Conveners, 23 Advocates, and 31 Accelerators participating in 8 Co-Hosted Sessions in the last year.
  • The launch for a shared convener calendar, initially hosted by Phil Collis at Skoll, and now living at
  • Completion of our first Collective Impact Project to produce the Conveners Ecosystem Infographic.
  • Completion of our second Collective Impact Project to produce a living mind map to share best practices.

As Mark Newberg said “What started as an interesting idea a year ago, is now a necessary support system for our community.” is taking steps to solidfy our organization and is proud to welcome Avary Kent as our new Executive Director.  She is working with our team and our founding members to develop the membership model for Convening the Conveners and Accelerating the Accelerators the two initial programs of

We are focused on a number of new mandates over the next 90 days:

  • Establish posting guidelines to ensure the quality and integrity of the Conveners Listserv.
  • Establish a membership agreement to clarify membership benefits and requirements for participation in
  • Scope the development of a more robust shared calendar with tagging and search capacity.
  • Develop the Collective Impact Project infrastructure and prototype with our 3 active CIP’s.
  • Continue to organize co-hosted sessions to provide in-person collaboration opportunities.