The report-out from our May 28th meeting at Rockefeller Foundation will take a bit of a different form. About 30 conveners gathered with our generous hosts and spent the bulk of the time creating a mind-map of sorts on the conference room wall. We started with responses to the prompt “I wish I knew how…” and got answers as diverse as the half-in-jest-full-in-earnest bit chosen as the title of this post to “how Opportunity Collaboration gets participants to show up in an open and honest way”and “how to structure an event so top-notch speakers actually stay through the whole event.” Next we moved on to more general challenges; “getting participants to sign up early and often,” “on-going community management.” And finally asked each convener to review all the challenges/questions and aspirations on the wall and offer ideas, suggestions and solutions from their own practice. Let’s just say the depth and breadth of experience, and the generosity of spirit, in this group is impressive.

How exactly we got from this:

to this:

may deserve a green sheet of it’s own 😉 but we hope that the trains of thought, leaps of logic, memes and themes from this exercise will provide a solid foundation for an ever-expanding collection of ideas, suggestions, and proven solutions in response to each others’ challenges and questions.

*UPDATE – As of October 2015 the best practices from this mind map are now available in the What Works Directory for Members.  Each best practice is now fleshed out and searchable.